Production and services

All projects implemented by our company, are prepared for an individual client’s order.

We provide:

  • Precise projects preparation and comprehensive execution of orders
  • Preparation of a technical design which meets customer requirements,
  • Preparation of CAD technical documentation,
  • Technical support to the implementation of new solutions,
  • Implementation and staff training
  • Preparation of Polish and English instruction manual for machines and devices
Production of electric machines
We specialize in design and production of non-series electrical machines, tailored to the customer’s needs. We are responsible for the whole process of creation of high-efficiency engines and electric generators with permanent magnets.
Precision laser cutting
We use the latest technology of cutting edge-precision electric sheet metal that is used in high-efficiency machines, engines and electric generators. Due to custom configuration of laser’s parameters we guarantee perfect cutting line of sheet metal. All elements are burr-free after the cut, which makes packaging of stator or rotor sheet metal possible without additional treatment of deburring as well as painting sheet metal again.
Specialized production
The company focuses on the production of non-standard and individual machines and devices for the electromechanical, mining, metallurgical, gas and other industries.
We use the many years of experience in design of complex solutions for the heavy industry to create stable and reliable fences that, apart from good look, allow for the security of the terrain.
Measuring services
On customer’s request we produce expertise and run technical tests of electric engines, hydrogenerators and turbogenerators as well as detailed measurements of turbogenerators during test trials. Result are sent to you in the form of complete report.
5-axis milling
CNC machining with the use of 5-axis milling machine allows for an almost limitless possibilities of shapes and sizes that can be successfully processed.
Sheet metal bending
We also offer sheet metal bending with HPK – 40/2000 bending brake. Our machine is equipped with numerical control (CNC) that facilitates work and ensures precision and recurrence of bending.
Technical projects
We offer you full support of our design team.
When creating 3D projects our specialists simulate and analyze in detail in order to rule out production errors as well as to ensure optimal and flawless solution. This allows for reduction of costs and shortening of production times.

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