Production of high quality, innovative devices requires proper conditions. That is why at Kisielewski Ltd we invest in the latest sheet metal processing machines and devices that meet the highest technical, production and quality standards.

We use innovative solutions and technologies, i.a. computer controlled CNC, which gives our machines and devices high precision of operation and thus highest quality of production.

High precision has a great impact on the improvement of production parameters, greater reliability and longer technological lifespan which results in lesser failure rate as well as lower costs of use of client’s device.


We use the latest technology of cutting edge-precision electric sheet metal that is used in high-efficiency machines, engines and electric generators. Due to custom configuration of laser’s parameters we guarantee perfect cutting line of sheet metal. All elements are burr-free after the cut, which makes packaging of stator or rotor sheet metal possible without additional treatment of deburring as well as painting sheet metal again.

We only use materials from trusted suppliers. Upon request we can order required type of sheet metal or use material supplied by yourselves.

We cut different types of materials, such as:

  • Steel and stainless steel

  • Aluminium

  • Copper


We have the latest DGM MORI CMX 70 U milling machine that allows for optimal 5-axes milling. The term „5-axes” refers to the number of directions in which the cutting tool can move. In a 5-axes milling machine tools travel among X, Y and Z linear axes as well as rotates in A and B axes, in order to approach the milled object from any given direction. In other words, we can mill five sides of a piece in one mount.

CNC machining with the use of a 5-axes milling machine allows for almost limitless possibilities when it comes to size of parts as well as shapes that can be machined. In our company, with the use of a DMG MORI CMX 70 U milling machine, we can machine objects up to 350 kg in one vise.


Precision of details is tested with accurate 3D measuring on a Mitutoyo Model CRT AS 121210 coordinate measuring machine.

Mitutoyo coordinate measuring machine is made of lightweight materials and has innovative structure that ensures high stability of movement as well as precision and speed. Dimensions of the work table are 1200mm x 1200mm x 900mm

All metalworking, f.ex. laser cutting, sheet metal edge bending, are quality checked on the spot, at our machine depot, which reduces production time and guarantees compliance of production with approved project.

Metalworking is subject to thorough quality control. It is done by checking and measuring selected parameters of the product, which are then compared to required parameters. We can check all conditions included in technical specification.

Thorough quality control

Our quality department uses both conventional measuring tool (calipers, micrometers, master plates, gauges, etc.) and advanced, numerically controlled devices. Our Mitutoyo CRT AS 121210 coordinate measuring machine allows for geometrical measurements, scanning measurements of products (including surface roughness) and all measurements in the field of reverse engineering. An additional temperature compensation function (16 ° C to 26 ° C) ensures the required accuracy of measurements even inside the factory.

Portal coordinate measuring machine has a highly minimized range of E0 measurement uncertainty, MPEE0 = +/-(2.3 + 4L/1000) µm, L – mm, which puts it in the forefront of the most precise measuring devices.


We have a production line for sheet metal circle cutting. Due to that we can guarantee optimal choice of materials, which minimizes waste. Due to availability of sheet metal in our warehouse we can further minimize time of processing an order.


Implementation of modern solutions in HAVEN 40/2000 hydraulic press brake allows us to bend metal with very high precision and work in both semi-automatic and automatic manual mode. Modern means of running hydraulic cylinders and bending beam together with the use of torsion beam gives high precision as well as recurrence of cutting.



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